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BM0026 - Bad Energy / Bad Side - Split 7"
Two new hardcore bands from Philly. Both have the word "BAD" in their name, so it had be done. Both bands also released stellar demos this past winter. This split 7" compiles both demos on the ever-popular, 'penultimate' split 7inch Format (at least it's not a 10inch). Anyone could have released this as two separate records and price gouged the hell out of an already price gouged, record-buying public. We decided to save everyone some bucks and do it this way. Wanna fight about it? The "Energy side" is 5 songs of chaotic, weirdo hc, at just over 6min. The "Side side" is 6 songs of tight, fast hardcore, totaling 5min09sec. Listen for yourself, using the link at the end of this announcement.

300 pressed on purple-y-brown marbled wax. Black and white, heavy-stock jackets, and who knows... Maybe an insert of some kind, as well. We also have a couple copies of the 2 song Bad Side 7" from Nervous Habits Records. Again, you can hear both sides, and purchase mp3s and whatnot at the link below.

Bad Energy:
A1. Numbed -- 1:34
A2. Mondo Cane -- 0:52
A3. Live My Life -- 1:13
A4. Community Creeper DFC -- 0:53
A5. Mind Hole 1:46

Bad Side:
B1. Looking For A Bad Time -- 0:47
B2. I Can't Change -- 1:13
B3. Rich Kids On THC -- 0:55
B4. Bleak Future -- 0:59
B5. Humiliator -- 0:49
B6. Mind Entrapment -- 0:27

Listen to the record: http://badmasterrecords.bandcamp.com/

INDIVIDUAL ORDERS (US & International) can be made here, through our online store, or by PayPal'in direct to [email protected] to the tune of $7.50. We'll do both 7"es for $12.50ppd. If you want us to throw in a Dopestroke 7", as well, make it $17.00ppd.

WHOLESALERS / STORES / DISTRIBUTORS (orders of 5 or more) can be made by email, at badmasterrecords[at]gmail[dot]com. Wholesale rate is $3.75 each, plus shipping. For orders of 20 or more, we can go down to $3.50 per.