• Image of Pop. 1280 / Hot Guts - Split 7"

In 2009 Andrew Earles said "HOT GUTS ARE THE FUTURE OF HEAVY MUSIC AND THEY WILL BE PLAYING WHENEVER AND HOWEVER THEY PLEASE!” He mentions the band as "holding their own against other industrial/early-noise creep-o’s like Chrome, the venerable Throbbing Gristle, and even Swans--tastefully if not predictably matched both in the pummel and the Gira-deep vocals. I heard early Killing Joke and Nick Cave, too, but to drive home an adage that can’t be driven hard enough, it’s all what you do with the source material. Now, looking at that layer of Hot Guts, and no, I have never heard anything like this, ever, and thankfully, it’s a good thing this time." -FADER (Still Single)
Hot Guts returns, here, in 2010, with two more powerful Gut-stabs to the Hot-spot.

"New York Jim Thompson fans Pop. 1280's shredding, scowling split single with Hot Guts surfaces with the sharply noisy post-punk/no wave quartet to conjure a scrubby, dangerous Downtown New York junkyard that no longer exists. Not a specific sound. More a sensibility, subject, and clamor that crosses decades -- Pussy Galore, Swans, ..." Brandon Stosuy - Strerogum

Hot Guts:
Da'Rat Hessla (2:08)
Ponys (3:15)

Pop. 1280:
Neon Lights (5:41)

500 pressed on Jet Black™
BM0023 © Badmaster Records 2010